Multiple Remotely Based Job Openings

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Second State‘s open source WebAssembly runtime WasmEdge has been hosted as a sandbox project by CNCF under the Linux Foundation, the only Wasm runtime at CNCF. Its use cases include serverless apps, embedded functions, microservices, smart contracts, and IoT devices.

Two decades ago, we witnessed the migration of Java from the browser to the server side. A decade ago, we saw the migration of JavaScript from the browser to the server. Now, WasmEdge is playing a part in the process of WebAssembly’s migration from the browser to the server by building the next generation open source infrastructure software.

Join us to work on the software that powers the next generation of Cloud Computing platforms using WebAssembly, moving WebAssembly to the server-side.

WasmEdge Github:

These roles are remote based. Being global from the very start, Second State’s team are distributed in Taipei, Beijing, the United States, and Australia. Among them, engineers account for 90% with Master's or higher degrees from top universities.

All can be full-time or internship positions. Interns are preferred to be students majoring in computer science.

We are hiring

Cloud Native Software Engineers

Job description: You will be in charge of the design and implementation of WasmEdge containerization.

  1. In charge of the development and architecture design of WasmEdge containerization
  2. Support WasmEdge to be integrated to the current cloud native ecosystem, and work on cloud native WebAssembly solutions
  3. Maintain technical documentation

Job Requirements

  1. Master any of the languages: Rust, Golang, C, C++, etc.
  2. Strong understanding of K8s and development based on K8s
  3. Open source contributors in the cloud native community preferred

C++/Rust Software Engineers

Job description: You will maintain the WasmEdge open source project.

  1. Support the latest WASM standards and proposal development
  2. Develop WebAssembly interpreter and AOT compiler
  3. Develop WebAssembly toolchain
  4. Develop bridges from Wasm modules to other high-level languages
  5. Maintain Documentation

Job Requirements

  1. Master Rust or C++
  2. Familiar with Git
  3. Understand WebAssembly, WasmEdge contributors are preferred
  4. Experience in technical output is preferred

Technical Writers

Job Description: You will be in charge of the WasmEdge Book. Your top priority is to provide developers with easy-to-use documentation. You need to communicate with the development team and users to continuously optimize the documentation of WasmEdge.

Job Requirements:

  1. Excellent English writing skills
  2. Technical writing experience
  3. Familiar with C++ or Rust

Rust/WebAssembly DevRel Specialists:

Job Description:

  • Drive the growth and expansion of WasmEdge developers community.
  • Inspire developers to use WasmEdge and listen to their needs. Lend a hand when needed.
  • Actively participate in online/onsite developer community activities to talk on technology like Rust, WebAssembly/WasmEdge. Build a following for yourself and WasmEdge.
  • Create and maintain technical documentation and guides.
  • Explore cooperation and use cases of WasmEdge with different organization/technologies.

Job Requirements

  1. Familiar with Rust/C++ and WebAssembly, or willing to learn Rust
  2. Love to share and enjoy writing technical articles
  3. Strong communication skills and motivation

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Impact among developers on twitter, github, etc.
  2. Experience in open source projects contribution
  3. Public speaking experience at tech conferences

We provide:

  1. Competitive salary
  2. Free and flexible office hours. Office-based option available in Taipei and Beijing
  3. International, diversified and friendly working environment
  4. Strong resources and supports from top open source foundations
  5. Relaxed vibe and result-oriented team. As long as you have the will and capability, you are able to fully manage/ lead projects

Please send your CV to

Join WasmEdge to build the next generation of open source infrastructure.

A high-performance, extensible, and hardware optimized WebAssembly Virtual Machine for automotive, cloud, AI, and blockchain applications