Fast, safe, portable and serverless

Build Rust apps for Node.js, or as Function as a Service (FaaS). Deploy safely and efficiently in WebAssembly VM. Up to 1000x performance gain with specialized hardware (e.g., inference chips) for your ML / AI services.


Rust + Javascript hybrid apps

Best of 3 worlds: Rust's performance, correctness & maintainability; WebAssembly's safety & portability; and Javascript's productivity. Create your high performance Node.js app today!

  • + Delegate computationally intensive tasks from Javascript to Rust functions
  • + Managed and portable Rust code in lightweight WebAssembly container
  • + Access to system and Internet resources from Rust programs
  • + Safe access to specialized hardware (AI chips) through WebAssembly
  • + Powered by the fastest sever-side WebAssembly on the market
  • + Fully compatible with Node.js

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Rust Function as a Service (FaaS)

Rust is the fastest growing and most beloved programming language for the past several years. Learn Rust today! Write and deploy Rust functions as web services!

  • + Upload and execute your Rust functions via a simple web service
  • + Each function is a RESTful endpoint (webhook)
  • + Access file system, database, and network from Rust functions
  • + Integration with cloud-based storage and messaging queues
  • + Access AI hardware from the Rust functions for 1000x performance gain
  • + Stateful execution across function calls
  • + Users pay per function call

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Blockchain and decentralized web

Second State works with leading public blockchains, such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Polkadot, CyberMiles, and Oasis, to create the next-gen virtual machines for blockchain smart contracts.

  • + The next-gen virtual machine for the Ethereum protocol
  • + Compiler toolchain for Solidity and YUL
  • + Developer tools for decentralized apps
  • + Smart contract search engine
  • + Blockchain as a cloud service
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Open source projects

Second State VM

The Second State VM (SSVM) is a high performance, extensible, and hardware optimized WebAssembly Virtual Machine for cloud, AI, and blockchain applications.

Compiler toolchain

SOLL is a high performance compiler toolchain for next-generation Ethereum (known as Ewasm) smart contracts from Solidity and YUL languages.


A browser-based IDE for creating, deploying, and sharing blockchain apps (DApps, or decentralized apps). Publish your first blockchain DApps in 5 minutes!

Rust by Example Ext

Learn Rust with live code examples from popular 3rd party crates. Fork this repo, write your own chapters, and send us a Pull Request!

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Build Rust + Javascript hybrid apps. Combine the performance of Rust, safety & portability of WebAssembly, and productivity of Javascript.

FaaS server

Deploy and execute WebAssembly (Wasm) bytecode applications via HTTP JSON RPC. Full support for Rust and Javascript via the Second State VM.

A brief history of WebAssembly

WebAssembly started as a collaboration among Google, Mozilla, Apple, and Microsoft. It was envisioned to be a high performance execution engine inside browsers. The typical applications would be in-browser animated games that require performance, much like the Java Applet from the old days.

However, like Java and JavaScript before it, WebAssembly is finding success on the server side. WebAssembly’s safety, performance, platform and language independence, make it an ideal server side runtime.


Learning resources

Rust by Example Extended Edition

Learn Rust with examples from 3rd party crates. This book is the sister book for the Rust By Example book, which covers core Rust language features and standard libraries. This book, being the Extended Edition, focuses on commonly used 3rd party libraries and tools.

Building Blockchain Apps

Published by Addison-Wesley in 2019 and translated to many different languages, it is the go-to resource for creating decentralized web apps on blockchain networks. You can try most of the code examples in the book directly on the BUIDL online IDE.

WebAssembly on the server

Bootstrap a WebAssembly virtual machine from your server side application, such as a Node.js app, and then execute high performance and potentially unsafe code inside the virtual machine. The major use cases are web applications that require native performance or must execute user-submitted code.

Next-gen blockchain

Second State is a leading developer of Ethereum flavored WebAssembly (Ewasm), which is a key component for the Ethereum 2.0 protocol. Run your own blockchain with Ewasm support or just use the CyberMiles testnet.