Middleware for Smart Contracts

Second State develops key infrastructure technologies for public and enterprise blockchains. We provide a complete stack of open source solutions including smart contract-optimized programming language extensions, high performance compilers, next generation blockchain virtual machines, developer tools, and smart contract search engines.


Publish a DApp in 5 min

You can create and publish your first blockchain-based app in 5 minutes. BUIDL is a browser-based IDE. No software to install, no wallet needed, no cryptocurrency to mess with. You can

  • + Write, compile, and deploy smart contracts
  • + Develop rule-based smart contracts
  • + Develop & run HTML5 JavaScript DApps
  • + Access built-in web3 & smart contract search engine
  • + Publish your DApp on the public web
  • + Deploy on any Ethereum compatible blockchain

Start coding in BUIDL!  Getting started guide

Smart contract search engine

The smart contract search engine enables users to search and view data inside smart contracts. It also enables new types of high performance and high usability DApps since we can use the search engine API to organize and display data from millions of related smart contracts.

Live search engine on Ethereum  FairPlay: a search engine-based DApp  Learn more


Blockchain as a Service

You can create a Second State blockchain network with one click. Customize key parameters of the blockchain from a simple web page. Within a few minutes, you will get

  • + Managed blockchain nodes to execute smart contracts
  • + Hosted RPC services to access the blockchain
  • + Online IDE for developing smart contracts & DApps
  • + Managed search engine for smart contracts
  • + API & JavaScript library to access search & data service
  • + DApp browser for other people to run your DApps
Give it a try!


Programming Languages

Smart contracts are very specialized programs. They require their own programming languages or extensions to existing programming languages. Checkout Second State's Lity rules language extension to Solidity.


We build high performance compilers based on the industry standard LLVM technology. We support smart contract languages, as well as blockchain extensions for existing programming languages.

Virtual Machines

Second State develops next generation blockchain virtual machines. We collaborate with leading public blockchains to build on WebAssembly-based virtual machines as well as current EVM solutions.

Data Infrastructure

Second State creates an ElasticSearch-based search engine to provide next-gen on-chain data services. Your apps not only get blockchain transactions but also up-to-date state information inside smart contracts.

Developer Tools

The Second State mission is to make it easy for developers to build rich and high performance decentralized apps on blockchains. The BUIDL IDE is the easiest and most scalable tool for blockchain d4evelopment.

Devops Tools

The entire Second State technology stack, including its DevChain, can be deployed with one click from a web user interface. Our DevOps tools take care of all the tasks related to IT management.

Why blockchain?

If your business needs to reconcile books with multiple customers and suppliers, you can benefit from a shared ledger that is maintained by all parties. Blockchain is the best technology for maintaining such shared computing infrastructure across partners who do not completely trust each other. Examples of such use cases include, payment and settlement, loans and IOUs, redeemable points for customers, escrow accounts, insurance, asset ownership tracking, product tracking in supply chains etc.

Why programmable blockchain?

In an enterprise environment, business use cases and requirements are ever changing. If you build a blockchain just for handling one type of transactions (eg points redemption for partners), you would need major software updates to change business rules. You would need a new blockchain to handle a new use case. A smart contract platform, like Second State, allows enterprises to deploy a single blockchain network across business partners, and then run many business applications on top of it.




Create, customize, and host your own blockchain smart contract platform using Lity, Ethereum, Tendermint and other Open Source software.


Ecosystem tools, such as wallets, smart contract compilers and deployers, docker, BaaS hosting, and data explorers for every blockchain you build using Lity software.


Training and consulting services to deploy your blockchain solutions, and to develop business applications on the blockchains.


Commercial service plan to support your blockchain deployment. The service plan includes technical support from the creators of our open source software, and automated patch management for security patches and upgrades.