Cloud native WebAssembly

High performance and high availability web services. AI as a Service. Next-gen blockchain apps. Choose WebAssembly.


Second State builds WebAssembly execution engines, frameworks, and developer toolchain for the cloud.


WebAssembly optimized for the server

The Second State Virtual Machine (SSVM) is a WebAssembly runtime optimized for server-side applications. It replaces un-managed and unsafe code on the server side, such as native code for high performance, AI, or big data operations.

  • + Runs programs written in multiple languages safely at native efficiency
  • + Runs on any OS without change
  • + Provides safe access to new hardware, such as GPUs and AI chips
  • + Integration with popular server side frameworks such as NodeJS
  • + Precise measurement of resource consumption for billing

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AI as a Service

A key advantage of WebAssembly is its efficient and safe access to hardware. Second State creates WebAssembly extensions and provides cloud services to give application developers easy access to emerging hardware chips and accelerators in the AI era.

  • + Access AI hardware for 1000x performance gain
  • + Multiple programming languages supported
  • + Easy to use API
  • + Safety and isolation guaranteed by the virtual machine
  • + Very lightweight and easy to manage
  • + No dependency on operating system



Blockchain and decentralized web

Second State works with leading public blockchains, such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Polkadot, CyberMiles, and Oasis, to create the next-gen virtual machines for blockchain smart contracts. We create developer tools that make DApp development and deployment as easy as cloud native services.

  • + The next-gen virtual machine for the Ethereum protocol
  • + Compiler toolchain for Solidity and YUL
  • + Developer tools for decentralized apps
  • + Smart contract search engine
  • + Blockchain as a cloud service
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Why choose SSVM

Better performance

The SSVM provides an built-in Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler. It significantly improves WebAssembly runtime performance, especially for server-side apps.

More languages

Our SOLL compiler supports Ethereum smart contracts (written in Solidity or Vyper) on the SSVM. Many formal verification and zero knowledge proof tools are designed for Ethereum.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The SSVM enables application developers to access AI hardware chips and accelerators safely using simple API calls. It makes AI hardware easy for developers.

More powerful

The SSVM provides access to operating system-level standard library functions such as IP networking and file system. [This is on-going work]

Developer support

The SSVM supports seamless integration with popular web services frameworks. We also provide a complete toolchain and IDE for developers.

Precision metering

The SSVM can meter resource usage based on the bytecode opcodes. That allows precise cloud billing based on resource consumption.

A brief history of WebAssembly

WebAssembly started as a collaboration among Google, Mozilla, Apple, and Microsoft. It was envisioned to be a high performance execution engine inside browsers. The typical applications would be in-browser animated games that require performance, much like the Java Applet from the old days.

However, like Java and JavaScript before it, WebAssembly is finding success on the server side. WebAssembly’s safety, performance, platform and language independence, make it an ideal server side runtime.


Open source projects


SOLL is a WebAssembly bytecode compiler for the Solidity and YUL languages. Those languages are used to program blockchain smart contracts. SOLL is a crucial component of the toolchain for Ethereum 2.0.


Getting started with end-to-end application development on public blockchains. Have your application developed and deployed in minutes!


The SSVM is an WebAssembly implementation optimized for the server-side, especially for blockchain, AI, and big data applications. It is fast, safe, and very friendly to developers.

Ethereum 2.0

Second State is a leading developer of Ethereum flavored WebAssembly (Ewasm), which is a key component for the Ethereum 2.0 protocol.