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Feb 03, 2023 • 4 minutes to read

Happy New Year! According to the recent CNCF Annual Survey 2022 of over 2000 IT professionals, WebAssembly is going to be a key part of the cloud native technology stack. In fact, the survey’s key finding states:

Containers are the new normal, and WebAssembly is the future.

The WasmEdge project is an open source WebAssembly runtime that is optimized for cloud native use cases. It is already bundled and distributed with Docker Desktop and Fedora / Red Hat Linux. To contribute to WasmEdge through a paid LFX / CNCF internship program is a sure way to future-proof your resume and skill sets!

You will gain the following benefits when you contribute to CNCF-hosted projects like WasmEdge through the LFX Mentorship program.

  • Earn a generous stipend ranging from $3000 to $6600, depending on your location
  • Learn new developer skills via one-to-one mentoring. If you’re selected, you will be assigned an experienced mentor from the WasmEdge project.
  • Gain a rewarding and immersive learning experience
  • Position yourself for exciting job opportunities at top software companies using WasmEdge
  • Become a part of a thriving open-source community and gain a sense of pride and accomplishment

Apply now to join WasmEdge's LFX Mentorship program and make your mark in open source, and earn a stipend from $3000 to $6600!

A brief introduction to WasmEdge

WasmEdge is a WebAssembly runtime that is specifically optimized for server-side and cloud-native applications. It provides many unique features that crucial for cloud computing. For example, it supports

  • The complete WebAssembly spec as well as emerging specs such as threading, GC, and component model.
  • Advanced networking (eg HTTP/S clients and servers, database connections, messaging queue connections)
  • AI inference based on popular frameworks, such as Tensorflow, OpenVino, PyTorch
  • High level language applications including JavaScript, Python, PHP, and Ruby. Developers can run full node.js applications.
  • Extensive APIs to create Wasm apps in Rust, Go,C/C++, JavaScript.
  • Extensive SDKs to embed WasmEdge into existing applications written in other languages.

Furthermore, WasmEdge provides a flexible plug-in architecture that allows developers to add more functionalities to it and take advantage of its many integrations and distribution channels through extensive open source partnerships. Discover the full potential of WasmEdge with our technical highlights.

WasmEdge is supported by major developer tools and deployment platforms in the cloud native space. For example, WasmEdge is bundled and distributed with Docker Desktop reaching over 10 million developers. WasmEdge is the default WebAssembly runtime on Fedora, Red Hat Linux, and the OpenShift container platform.

Join us to build the future of the cloud-native technology stack!

Projects for LFX Mentorship 2023-Mar-May

We have four mentee positions open this term. Each mentee will be expected to accomplish one of the following tasks.

For better collaboration, each potential mentee should complete the pretest first.

1. Stream data processing with WasmEdge

In this project, you will use WasmEdge Rust SDK to embed WasmEdge into the Fluvio project written in Rust. This is a collaboration between two awesome open-source projects. The mentee we‘re looking for should have a working knowledge of Rust and WebAssembly Rust SDK.

See details | Pretest | Application link

2. A Rust library crate for mediapipe models for WasmEdge NN

Compute-intensive tasks like AI training and inference are always suitable for Rust and WebAssembly. WasmEdge would like to build a Rust library crate that enables easy integration of Mediapipe models in WasmEdge applications. In this project, you should build at least one set of library functions for each model in Mediapipe. Each library function takes in a media object and returns the inference result. The mentee we‘re looking for should have a working knowledge of Rust and some machine-learning experience.

See details | Pretest | Application link

3. WasmEdge C++ SDK

In this project, you will help add the WasmEdge C++ SDK based on the WasmEdge C API. The WasmEdge C++ SDK allows developers to easily embed WasmEdge into their C++ host app. The mentee we‘re looking for should have a working knowledge of C++ and WebAssembly.

See details | Pretest | Application link

4. Unified WasmEdge tools

The command line is the most common tool for developing software. WasmEdge provides two tools in the release assets: wasmedgec and wasmedge. However, providing multiple tools will make it too complicated to use. So in this project, you will help unify WasmEdge tools with only one entry point wasmedge. This work will affect all WasmEdge users. They will use the command line you developed to run Wasm apps. The mentee we‘re looking for should have a working knowledge of C++ and WebAssembly.

See details | Pretest | Application link

The next step is to follow the mentee guide to apply. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any questions, welcome to join our Discord. Or you could join the upcoming WasmEdge community meeting on 7th Feb, where we will discuss the above LFX Mentorship projects.


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