Join the Security Slam with WasmEdge and Boost Open Source Security!

Oct 29, 2023 • One minute to read

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is hosting the annual Security Slam, a virtual event aimed at enhancing the security posture of CNCF projects. WasmEdge is thrilled to be a part of this initiative, and contributors, we need your help!

Why Participate?

  • For the Open Source Community: Elevate awareness of modern security tools and practices, ensuring a safer ecosystem for all.
  • For Contributors:
  • Awards and recognition for new and outstanding contributions to projects
  • Linux Foundation Cybersecurity Training and Certification
  • Find new projects and meet new communities
  • Build on existing skills or learn new ones

How Can You Help WasmEdge? We've identified several issues based on WasmEdge's cLOMONITOR report:

… and many more 👉

Join us in this collaborative effort from by the deadline on November 8, 2023. Let's make open source more secure together!

Contributor Registration for Security Slam

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