Serverless Functions in Rust Challenge #1

• 2 minutes to read

Learn how to create simple yet high performance serverless functions, for media processing, machine learning, and AI inference, in Rust. Everyone gets a swag bag full of Serverless goodies for completing the challenges.

In addition, you will receive a digital certificate and public Github commits to demonstrate your skills of Rust and serverless computing.

Create a serverless function in Rust

First, please review the Getting Started Guide to learn the basic concepts. Using Docker or Github Codespaces, it literally takes 5 minutes to build, deploy, and test your first serverless function.

Then fork the rust-faas-showcasesrepo and create your own Rust function in the contributions/your-name directory. You can refer to the examples in the examples directory for build structure and build instructions. Build and deploy it as a public serverless function on Second State FaaS.

We are looking for original work. Please do not just take other ppl’s open source work and submit as your own. Here are some suggestions and inspirations.

  • Send a SMS / MMS / message to a phone in your country.
  • Send iOS or Android notification messages.
  • Process an uploaded image.
  • Process an uploaded audio or video file.
  • Process payment
  • Text formatting and processing
  • Convert an image to text
  • Detect text or logo or objects in an image

Once you are done, fill out this form to claim your prize! You will receive a swag bag full of Serverless goodies once you publish you function on Second State FaaS (free, no sign-up needed).

Prize: Serverless Swag by Second State

  • One T-shirt

  • Stickers

  • One Enamel cup

  • Disposable Face mask


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