Prompt AI for Different Everyday Tasks: Your Customizable Personal Assistants

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In today's rapidly advancing large language models landscape, people are anxious about losing jobs to AI. We are increasingly integrating to our daily lives. From assisting with reading, writing, drawing, and traveling to learning new things, we want to make AI help us better instead of replace us. We proactively embrace LLMs like ChatGPT for different needs.

A common challenge we face is when using ChatGPT, we are logged out every 15 minutes and the answer histories we have could be very unorganized and all mumble jumble. To make thing worse, the all mixed-up chats do not have proper categorization base on purpose, which makes it unfriendly for information retrieval. Also when if comes to group work, we have to manually copy paste the answers to let your collaborators to see.

Therefore, we may require a better solution addressing these pains, with multiple AI assistants based on different needs.

Different Scenarios Requiring AI Assistants:

Here are 4 different scenarios that would require different AI assistants:

Writing Assistant

WasmEdge 0.13.0 was released 3 days ago and we would need to post this Github link across platform, so I ask GPT4 with this prompt “Help me write a tweet, a linkedin post and a reddit and a hackernews title for this new version release”

The following is GPT4’s reply:

Designer/ Drawing Assistant

We need an assistant to help us create artwork. WasmEdge is hosting a CNCF meetup, so I made this event poster with stable diffusion! The drawing assistant assists in crafting eye-catching event posters that leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Overseas Travel Assistant

I went traveling to Japan. When you’re baffled by what a menu or board says in Japanese, you would need a translator and guide to help you understand and you can ask follow up questions!

Exam Preparation Assistant

Now, let's move on to the fun part, a simulated exam! As a CNCF Ambassador without a programming background, I am taking the Linux Foundation KCNA exam, I wonder if I can take mock exams but giving ChatGPT some sample questions I found online.

Here is my prompt: I am taking the Linux Foundation KCNA exam. Sample Questions: Please give me a 5 question exam and prepare the answers. I will reply you with the answers and you need to grade me. And after I answer it graded me and tell me what’s wrong with the most patience in the world.

Users can simulate exam scenarios, receiving tailored questions and answers specific to their chosen exam. This enables a comprehensive assessment of one's knowledge and identifies areas that require further improvement.

A powerful tool to save the day

For different purposes, there should be a different AI assistant properly prompted and readily available to get the most benefits from AI. This approach has several advantages:

• Focused functionality - Each assistant can be optimized for a specific task.

• Better information retrieval - Assistance is organized by topic making it easier to find relevant information.

• Enhanced collaboration - Teams can have dedicated assistants for group work.

•Easier mobile access- You can use your familiar IM app to access it on mobile and on Desktop!

I would like to introduce you to, a platform that allows you to customize and deploy different AI assistants for various purposes, each in just 3 minutes! Try this public bot deployed via and talk with Claude!

This is the GitHub repo if you want one of you own and make customization! not only enable you to have an assistant for each different purpose, but also facilitates information retrieval, mobile access, group chatting with AI, and responses from different models to a single question.

Aside from being a study assistant, can also let you deploy your personal AI assistants for writing, drawing, traveling, and many thing else. Here is a step by step guide of using the Chatgpt-Slack template to deploy an exam study assistant on your Slack channel.

You can use templates to deploy your assistants on, which requires a GitHub account. You can create different channels on Slack, and each channel is a specialized assistant. You can also put multiple assistants in one channel, linking different large models and receiving simultaneous responses.

As a low code platform for AI workloads, you can even write your own logic in Rust and connect different LLMs and SaaS, like Discord and Claude.

I hope my experience of deploying multiple assistants via on Slack and Telegram has piqued your interest in creating, customizing and deploying your own AI assistants for various purposes. Whether you need help with preparing for an exam, writing, generating pictures, traveling, is a platform that allows you to customize and deploy different AI assistants. Feel free to try it out for yourself using and enjoy the demo!

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