WasmEdge @ KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2022

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The most exciting cloud-native event for 2022 is just around the corner! KubeCon and CloudNativeCon NA 2022 will take place between Oct 24th and 28th in Detroit USA! WasmEdge and our community members will attend the conference, host a booth, go to the parties, and give 5 official talks! So, come say Hi virtually or even better, in person!

Through conference presentations and demonstrations, the WasmEdge team focuses on WebAssembly (Wasm) developer experience and tooling for cloud-native applications.

  • Use Docker CLI, Docker Desktop, and Docker Compose to develop and manage Wasm applications.
  • Create database-backed microservices in Wasm using popular Rust and JavaScript libraries, such as tokio, hyper, reqwest, mysql-async, and node.js.
  • Create AI inference applications and microservices in Wasm using PyTorch, Tensorflow, or OpenVINO.
  • Create and deploy Wasm-based microservices in Dapr using WasmEdge’s Dapr SDK.


The WasmEdge team’s first presentation is Build, Share, and Run WebAssembly Apps Using the Docker Toolchain on Cloud Native Wasm Day, co-presented with Docker’s Director of engineering, Chris Crone.

This presentation will enable over 10 million Docker developers to use their favorite tools to manage Wasm apps alongside Linux container apps.

Rishit Dagli from Narayana Junior College; Incoming University of Toronto and Shivay Lamba from Melisearch will co-present WebAssembly Based AI as a Service on the Edge with Kubernetes at Kubernetes on Edge Day North America 2022. Let's learn how to WasmEdge to run AI inference on the edge.

The next two presentations highlight the collaborations between Dapr and WasmEdge. Our goal is to run Dapr enabled microservices in WasmEdge instead of in Linux containers.

Michael Yuan will share the newly launched dapr-wasi-sdk, the WasmEdge SDK for Dapr on DaprCon Community Day. dapr-wasi-sdk is compiled into Wasm and runs in the WasmEdge Runtime. With dapr-wasi-sdk, it is easy for Rust-based microservices in WasmEdge to interact with Dapr APIs and sidecar services. If you are looking for lightweight microservices, don’t miss this out.

Vivian Hu will talk about how to run lightweight Dapr microservices in WasmEdge in action at KubeCon and CloudNativeCon.

Finally, the Cloud-Native WebAssembly: Containerization On the Edge presentation **** at KubeCon and CloudNativeCon will give practical advice on when and how to use cloud-native Wasm in your own applications.

PARTY: Docker Day and Wasm Meetup

Wasm is AWSM. Docker will host an offline meetup during KubeCon and CloudNativeCon NA 2022. One WasmEdge Maintainer will discuss the potential uses of WebAssembly with other experts in the panel session. Learn how to get started with WebAssembly apps via the Docker and WasmEdge integration!

Visit us at the WasmEdge Booth

The WasmEdge Runtime project has a booth in the KubeCon exhibit hall. Stop by our booth to learn more about cloud-native Wasm and win cool WasmEdge SWAGs.

Join our Discord server for further discussion and project updates.

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