Win a Switch with the WasmEdge Rust SDK Bug Hunt

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With the release of WasmEdge 0.10.1, a brand new version of WasmEdge Rust bindings is here!

The WasmEdge Rust bindings SDK allows Rust applications to embed WebAssembly functions or modules. This is especially useful for Rust-based cloud-native or blockchain infrastructure software, as they need to support untrusted user functions in a safe and efficient way.

Click this article to learn more about WasmEdge Rust bindings.

WasmEdge Rust bindings are divided into wasmedge-sys and wasmedge-sdk, where wasmedge-sdk is aimed at application developers, enabling developers to use WasmEdge to incorporate third-party code into their rust applications easily and safely. The wasmedge-sdk crate is designed to provide a smooth experience for Rust developers.

In order to make WasmEdge Rust bindings to better serve the community and optimize the development experience, welcome to participate in the WasmEdge Rust SDK bug hunt.

Bug Hunt

From 2022.08.01 (release date) to 2022.09.01, you can submit bugs and issues you encountered while using WasmEdge Rust bindings to GitHub, or you can post your experience using WasmEdge Rust bindings to any platform, you can also add more samples and new features to WasmEdge. For rust lovers. The winner with the most points can get a Japanese version of Nintendo Switch.

Points and Rules

Points are given depending on different tasks. The points criteria are as follows:

These tasks are for reference only. New ideas are welcome.

Tasks Points Description Difficulty
Write an article around WasmEdge Rust bindings 2 point Any website in any languages Basic
Raise an issue related to WasmEdge Rust bindings 2 point Any issue, additional points for bugs Basic
Write an article around WasmEdge Rust bindings, using your own demo 4 points Any website in any languages Moderate
Find a bug on WasmEdge Rust bindings 6 points Requires detailed bug reproducing steps Moderate
Add another demo for WasmEdge Rust bindings 6 points The PR get merged Moderate
Add a new feature to WasmEdge Rust bindings 12 points The PR gets merged Advanced
Integrate WasmEdge Rust bindings into Rust projects 20 points 2-person team allowed, 10 points for each Advanced


The participants who get over 30 points, the top 3 will receive an Nintendo Switch (Japanese version).

Reward Points Required Note
WasmEdge T-shirt/ Frisbee + badge + stickers 2
Keychron K3 verison2 keyboard 15
Nintendo Switch Over 20 points Only the highest 3

If you have done the tasks and ready to submit, please fill out this form.


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