WebAssembly Talks at Open Source Summit North America

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Are you ready for the Open Source Summit North America 2023 conference? This year, the conference also highlights many exciting WebAssembly (Wasm) content, with several talks dedicated to this innovative technology, covering Wasm in TEE, K8s and Wasm etc. Whether you’re a seasoned Wasm developer or just starting out, these talks are sure to capture your attention and inspire you to explore the possibilities of this platform-agnostic binary format. So mark your calendars for May 10-12 and get ready to dive into the world of Wasm!

In person talks

Build and Manage Wasm Applications using Container Tools by Michael Yuan, WasmEdge

WebAssembly Containers: Run Microservices Faster and More Securely - Learn how to use familiar tools like Docker and Kubernetes to package and deploy high-performance WebAssembly apps. WebAssembly is emerging as a revolutionary new runtime for cloud services, and container tools make it easy to build and share Wasm microservices.

Exotic Runtime Targets: Ruby and Wasm on Kubernetes and GitOps Delivery Pipelines by Kingdon Barrett, Weaveworks

The delivery ecosystem for developers has expanded beyond just language runtime, operating system, and architecture, to now include newer considerations such as Kubernetes, Sandboxing, and Browser targets, which provide more options for developers. While Wasm allows for the use of familiar languages like Ruby and Python in the browser, there are still other factors to consider before fully transitioning away from Kubernetes and towards browser targets.

Microservices and WASM, Are We There Yet? by Will Christensen, Defense Unicorns and Kingdon Barrett, Weaveworks

WebAssembly (WASM) has shown great promise in the browser and in Apps, with benefits such as performance gains, type safety, reduced size, and polyglot support. However, our experience in attempting to use WASM for microservices showed that it is not yet as mature and straightforward as it is in the browser. Despite the stumbling blocks we faced, we are still excited about the potential of WASM in the service space as the platform continues to evolve towards a more polyglot, cloud-native, and GitOps-inclusive solution.

WebAssembly: From the Browser to… Everywhere? by Matt Butcher, Fermyon

While WebAssembly started as a browser technology, it has now spread to IoT, plugins, and cloud computing. This talk explores the expanding domains of WebAssembly and how its growing ecosystem is enabling new capabilities.

Past virtual talks

A WASM Runtime for FaaS Protected by TEE by Sara Wang and Yongli He, Intel (Virtual Talk)

Confidential computing containers promise secure environments for sensitive workloads, but current solutions suffer from portability and performance issues. Using WebAssembly as an alternative runtime could help build flexible yet trusted containerized environments.

WASM + Confidential Computing, Secure Your FaaS Function by Xinran Wang and Liang He, Intel (Virtual Talk)

This talk will introduce a zero-trust serverless platform that uses CNCF Serverless platform - Knative, WebAssembly, and TEE. How to safely ship function code and data into TEE, how to make remote attestation with an extended L7 protocol, and how to start a running instance with WASM runtime in TEE when an end-users request arrives?

This platform can help to improve the security of serverless applications by isolating sensitive data from the cloud provider and other applications. This can make it a more attractive option for developers who need to deploy applications that handle sensitive data.

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