Write and deploy a dapp in 5 minutes

Developing smart contracts and decentralized apps (dapps) is arduous today. Second State provides an open source stack of tools and runtime environments to make dapp development easy. The BUIDL IDE already supports domain specific language extensions, ElasticSearch-based auxiliary application, and will soon support LLVM / Ewasm! It works with all Ethereum compatible blockchains. All you need is a web browser. No wallets, no software download!

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Select a public blockchain to develop and deploy your application

Second State

  • Great for new developers
  • Gas free
  • 1s confirmation time
  • No need to deal with any cryptocurrency or wallet



  • Ethereum compatible
  • 10s confirmation
  • Rules engine
  • Gas free operations for users


Ethereum Classic

  • The original Ethereum blockchain
  • Store of value tokens
  • fast confirmation
  • low gas costs.


Features & Tutorials

Publish to the web

Click on the Run button to test your dapp and its smart contract backend inside BUIDL. Once you are done, you can hit the Publish to publish the entire dapp to the web and share it with the world! Checkout a tutorial here.

Rules language

The BUIDL IDE provides built-in support for the Lity Rules Engine, a domain specific formal rules language for Solidity smart contracts. Checkout a tutorial here.

ElasticSearch services

The BUIDL IDE supports auxiliary applications that utilize blockchain and smart contract data via off-chain services, such as our ElasticSearch powered smart contract search engine. Checkout a tutorial here.