BUIDL IDE for Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic is the best blockchain for smart contracts and dapps. Very low gas fees, store-of-value native cryptocurrency (ETC), and fast confirmation times. With the Second State BUIDL IDE, you can develop and deploy on ETC in minutes from any web browser.

Calling all developers! | HackerNoon tutorial

Step 1

Launch the BUIDL for ETC IDE in any browser. No download, no software to install.


Step 2

Open the Accounts tab and send a little ETC to the default address to use as gas.

Request ETC

Step 3

Develop, debug, deploy, and publish your smart contract and HTML5 + JavaScript dapp!

Tutorial dapp


The voting dapp allows ETC holders to express their sentiments on various topics. See some examples. Hackernoon published a complete tutorial on how to publish your own voting dapps from the BUIDL for ETC IDE.

Uniswap for ETC

The Uniswap Exchange Protocol allows decentralized trading of any ERC20 assets. However, deploying Uniswap exchanges and liquidy pools requires a lot of smart contract operations. With BUIDL, we have developed and published a web UI for Uniswap deployment on Ethereum Classic. Coming soon. Watch a video on how it is done

THE Book

The Buiding Blockchain Apps book is the definitive textbook on blockchain and smart contract application development. It is to be published by Addison-Wesley in 2019. Complete this BUIDL tutorial to reveal a code to get 35% OFF when you buy the book!


The LLVM compiler is finally coming to Solidity. With it, we can easily create smart contracts across multiple blockchain VMs. The EVM on Ethereum Classic and ETH 2.0's eWASM are among the first we support. Checkout this demo for compiling and deploying ERC20 contracts on the eWASM testnet using SOLL.


Second State BUIDL IDE is a web-based IDE that requires no software download or install. It provides a one-stop development and deployment environment for smart contract and dapp developers. With one click, developers can publish a dapp on the web for everyone to interact with blockchain smart contracts.

“I am delighted to see Second State launch BUIDL for ETC. There has been a developer need for such a tool since the death of the much beloved Ethereum Studio many years ago. It is marvelous to see Second State launching BUIDL for ETC to fill this need, and to help provide an easier onramp for developers to develop on ETC.”Bob Summerwill, Executive Director of ETC Cooperative.

Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is one of the most secure and decentralized blockchain networks today. It is fully compatible with the Ethereum blockchain (ETH), but is much faster (transactions are confirmed in seconds) and much cheaper (gas fee is 1% of ETH). Developers are looking at Ethereum Classic as a serious alternative to the Ethereum blockchain.

“Ethereum Classic is not only the original Ethereum blockchain, but also the most dapp friendly Ethereum blockchain with its very low gas fees, store-of-value native cryptocurrency, and fast confirmation times. We look forward to collaboration with Second State to further empower our developer communities.” — Elizabeth Kukka, Executive Director of Ethereum Classic Labs.