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WasmEdge is a lightweight, fast, and mission critical code runtime for Edge computing and software defined vehicles. Our goal is to drastically reduce complexity and improve development velocity.


Automotive infrastructure
Software defined vehicles require virtualized runtimes to safely execute software programs from the ecosystem on a central computer. For automakers, the runtime isolation reduces complexity in integration and operation. For parts makers, the virtualized runtime supports “write once run on any car”. Second State is developing a real-time, deterministic, and efficient runtime sandbox for automotive applications. It is completely open source and already used by leading auto suppliers.
Jamstack Web Apps
Today’s web apps often have statically generated front ends that use JavaScript to interact with APIs on the backend (ie, the Jamstack). The WasmEdge is ideally suited for running backend API services as serverless functions. It is fast, secure, low maintainence, cross-platform, and can be easily deployed on edge networks for high performance. Developers just upload their code to WasmEdge-powered cloud services, and have instant access to a serverless API.
SaaS and PaaS
A key requirement for a modern SaaS platform is extensibility. SaaS products provide APIs for external applications through HTTP requests and callbacks. A simpler and emerging approach is for external developers to upload their code (eg event handlers) directly onto the SaaS platform. There is no need for developers to maintain callback servers. The WasmEdge provides a safe and high performance runtime for external code in those SaaS or PaaS platforms.
Blockchain smart contracts are, by definition, trustless and serverless applications. WebAssembly is the de facto runtime for modern blockchain smart contracts. Ethereum flavored WebAssembly (Ewasm) is a collaborative effort to bring the earliest and largest smart contract platform, Ethereum, to the WebAssembly world. WasmEdge is a leading Ewasm implementation, and it is already being adopted by leading public blockchains.

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The WasmEdge supports a WASI-like API for running tensorflow models. Read more

Deploy to Second State Functions

The Second State Functions is a public serverless function-as-a-service (FaaS). It runs computationally intensive functions safely in WasmEdge. Read more

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